About the project

Discovering Dumfries and Galloway’s Past is an exciting new project, offering you the opportunity to get hands-on experience of surveying and interpreting the region’s rich archaeology.

From extensive prehistoric monuments, through Roman camps and forts to Medieval towerhouses and abbeys, through to remains of the Second World War; the region has a wide range of different archaeological and historic sites. And did you know – you can find out a lot about these sites without even putting a spade in the ground.

Archaeological geophysics is a fascinating way of seeing beneath the ground, to explore buried remains without excavating them. Using specialist equipment, we can provide expert training to help you survey, map, understand and interpret buried archaeological sites.

You may have seen archaeologists carrying out ‘geofizz’ on TV’s Time Team – but now is your chance to learn how to carry out surveys for yourself, and interpret the results.

The project is interested in exploring different types of site all across the region. We are also interested in sites that you would like to survey. These may be well known archaeological sites, or areas where little is previously known. We will help you to run surveys so that more people in the local area can find out more about sites near them.

We would love to hear your suggestions – please get in contact with the Development Officer.

The project is generously funded by the Scottish Government and The European Community, Dumfries and Galloway Leader 2007-2013; The Crichton Foundation and The University of Glasgow.


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