Upcoming event on 21st November: Survey at Langholm Castle

On Wednesday the 21st November, volunteers and local schoolchildren will join forces to explore the area surrounding the upstanding remains of the Castle at Langholm, with a day of geophysical survey, with the results presented in an evening talk.

The standing end-wall on Castleholm is all that now remains of Langholm Castle, built in the early 16th century by the famous Border Reivers, the Armstrongs, which served as a stronghold for 200 years.

Volunteers from across the local community as well as pupils from local schools will come together to find out more about what remains of the castle across this triangle of land between Ewes Water and the Esk. The day will be a chance to explore what might lie below the ground, without picking up a spade, using geophysical survey equipment.

Geophysical survey, or ‘geofizz’ made famous through TV’s Time Team is an ideal way to map buried remains without having to excavate them. By measuring small electrical changes in the soil, it is possible to, very rapidly build up a picture of where buried stonework might be – and this could be related to stone foundations associated with the castle.

Between 10am and 4pm, there is a chance to ‘have- a-go’ at this type of survey – it’s a great way of ‘seeing beneath the soil’ – doing archaeology without getting your hands dirty! No previous experience is necessary – just enthusiasm. Please contact Giles Carey, using the details below, so that we have an idea of numbers taking part. During the day, there will also be the chance for all visitors to chat to archaeologists on site about the survey and see a small display on what is known about the Castle.

On a single day of survey it is hoped that the standing remains of the Castle can be placed in a wider context. The results, the fruits of volunteers’ labour, will be included in a talk in the evening, at 7.30pm in the Buccleuch Centre, to which all are invited. Entrance to the talk will be £3, with under 18s being admitted for £1.

The event is being run by archaeologists from the University of Glasgow, in partnership with Eskdale and Liddesdale Archaeological Society.

For more information please contact Giles Carey at the University of Glasgow Crichton Campus on 01387 702056 or email giles.carey@glasgow.ac.uk


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