Interim results from Castledykes Park, Dumfries; Innermessan, near Stranraer and Corehead, near Moffat

We are pleased to announce that interim results from our first three surveys are now available to download – all the links are below.

These are technical reports – but they present the results in a wider context, and there’s plenty of background information telling you about what we were hoping to find. Brief summaries of the results are below, but please feel free to contact us if you would like any further details.

All go in Castledykes Park, Dumfries

Have you ever wondered how archaeologists interpret this data? We have written a new page to try and explain it all. See Mapping the Past.

Castledykes Park, Dumfries
Resistance survey showed a number of interesting features across an area where the Royal Castle of Dumfries once stood  – mostly rubble associated with landscaping across the park . One area on top of Castle Hill was of particular interest, as survey suggested a defined building foundation, a circle of stonework measuring 5m across.

Download pdf [Castledykes Park, Dumfries: Interim Report on Resistance Survey]

Innermessan, near Stranraer
Volunteers undertook a week long programme of resistance and magnetic survey over two areas at Innermessan, to the north of Stranraer. Around the base of the upstanding motte, a number of features of interest were recorded, including an apparently double-ditched feature which may be cut by the 12th-century motte ditch.

Download pdf [Innermessan, near Stranraer: Interim Report on Resistance and Magnetic Survey]

Corehead, near Moffat
Volunteers undertook a single day of resistance survey to the immediate North of Corehead Farm, near to the head of Annan Water. A range of historic documents as well as a map of 1590 provide evidence for a tower at ‘Ye Corhead’, although the site for this tower remains unlocated, and it is not depicted on further mapping. The main aim of the survey was to test the suitability of resistance survey as a prospection technique across this area.

Download pdf [Corehead, near Moffat: Interim Report on Resistance Survey]

We hope you enjoying reading these reports – if you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are also very interested in receiving any feedback we can on the project- please see our survey here:


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